Voice And Data Cabling

Our voice & data cabling experts can provide you with the guidance and management with telecommunications systems setup, office relocations and office expansions.
Our installation of cabling projects include:

  • Security &Video surveillance systems
  • Structured Cabling & Network services
  • Voice & data cabling- Category 5e, 6 & 6a
  • Wireless Networks and Access Points
  • Duct Bank Underground Cabling & Trenching

Today, your network cabling system carries the lifeblood of your organization – information. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all much more critical in data wiring than in voice. The main reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds. To accomplish this over unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP), many different criteria must be met.

Furthermore, businesses want to thrive, not just survive, and the voice and data networks in the business needs to be scalable and flexible enough to support future growth. Delmarva Fibercom has provided voice and data cabling installation services for companies of all types and sizes, including organizations with hundreds or thousands of locations. And we stay on top of cabling and communications standards, best practices, and technology advancements to make sure our clients can bank on the results we deliver.